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Competitive examining is the traditional method for making appointments to competitive service positions and requires adherence to title 5's competitive examining requirements. OPM may delegate authority, by agreement, to an agency to examine for all of its competitive service positions (except administrative law judges)..


Special Conversion Rules For Certain Non-GS Employees.

Fact Sheet: Special Conversion Rules For Certain Non-GS Employees Description. When an employee moves, without a break in service, to a General Schedule (GS) position from a non-GS pay system under 5 U.S.C. chapters 47 (personnel demonstration project), 95 (Internal Revenue Service broadbanding system), or similar provision of law, and that system provides that an ....


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Competitive. Promotion potential. None ... OPM Qualification Standards for the GS-1560 series can be found at the following website: ... Status and Non-Status applicants from outside DOE selected under this authority are required to serve a mandatory one (1) year probationary period. A DOE career status employee selected for this position may ....


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Diversity is integral to achieving FAA's mission of ensuring safe and efficient travel across the nation and beyond. To achieve FAA's mission, FAA's goal is to increase diversity by hiring people with disabilities for mission critical positions.This is not an announcement. This is a Public Notice. You cannot apply through this Public Notice. If you are ....


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Jul 09, 2011 . A term appointment is a non-status appointment to a position in the competitive service for a specified period exceeding 1 year and lasting not more than 4 years. Facts About Term Appointments. COMPETITIVE STATUS: A term appointment does not confer competitive status and you are not eligible for transfer to other agencies or for reinstatement..