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An individual participating in the Internship who otherwise meets the program requirements for conversion (i.e., work hours, satisfactory performance, educational requirements, training completed, etc.) may be converted to a position with an established career ladder provided the job opportunity announcement for the position stated the career ....

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Aug 17, 2022 ? A career ladder promotion is contingent upon satisfactory performance and the satisfactory completion of all required training. Such promotions are not automatic. Positions have additional opportunities at the GS-14, GS-15 and Senior Executive Service levels; however, promotions to these levels are addressed through a competitive hiring process..

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Sep 01, 2022 ? 511-2: Use of Career Ladder Positions, Effective Date: 12/15/2008 511-2: Use of Career Ladder Positions (DOC), Effective Date: 12/15/2008; 511-3: Non-Competitive Promotion Based Upon Reclassification (Accretion of Duties), Effective Date: 10/21/2011.

GS-5 Pay - 2022 Federal GS Payscale.

Within the GS scale, promotions between grades (like a promotion from GS-4 to GS-5) come from advancing up the "career ladder" associated with a position, or by moving to a job with a higher starting pay grade then your current GS grade. The basic requirements for advancing to the GS-5 paygrade are: At least 1 year experience at GS-4 or equivalent..

GS-11 Pay - 2022 Federal GS Payscale.

GS-11 is the 11th paygrade in the General Schedule (GS) payscale, the payscale used to determine the salaries of most civilian government employees.The GS-11 pay grade is generally held by white-collar employees in mid-level positions. $27.30 per hour 1. The table on this page shows the base pay rates for a GS-11 employee..